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Impressions on use of SCENAR-COSMODIC EX735Ag

Igor Karpenko | 9.10.2007

EX735Ag — is a wonderful device. Good design, well thought-out and robust construction, and what is most important — remarkable curing effect on the body. The action is very soft but powerful at the same time, i. e. it provides very good and favourable effect on the body.

So far I have worked with 2 patients.

Male patient N., 63 yrs. Suffers from prostate adenoma and prostatitis for 10 years. Last two years had worsening — frequent and painful urination. Typical medications used for treatment of such condition, such as alpha-adrenoblockers and antibiotics produced unsatisfactory effect. Form the first session the patient improved — the symptoms lessened. After a week of treatment the only complaint he had was frequent urination (though now it has become three times as less frequent than before treatment) / first three days I tried to work in Sc mode, then in automatic mode. Treated areas: perineum, testes (at first diagnostic mode showed high activity readings [25—33]), jugular fossa [40] and also along the spinous processes of the spine [28—30]. Last four days we used rectal probe for 50 minutes.

In general the action of this device is very tender and smooth, the improvement happens naturally, by itself.

This was very vivid with another patient T., female 54 yrs suffering from bipolar disorder in depression phase, menopause 4 years. She was adynamic, constantly felt fear and anxiety, had bad sleep, low activity.

Areas of treatment: places of highest activity in the neck-collar area and along the spinous processes of the spine [activity readings in diagnostic mode were 28—30 in the beginning]. After 1 week of treatment, the woman became more active, anxiety lessened, the sleep is still bad. Improvement is going very smoothly, the patient does not even notice it at once. The treatment is on-going.

Igor Karpenko, Krasnodar, Russia