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EX715Ag — first results of testing

Vivienne Constad | 29.09.2005

© Dr. Vivienne Constad

Case 1. Pulled shoulder muscles

Presented condition. Arm and shoulder pains. Sports injury. Pulled then overused muscles whilst playing squash. This is second injury to same place in right shoulder and arm. Ache to shoulder, sharp pain in arm when in certain positions.

Case history

Male 48 yrs. One leg slightly shorter than other due to childhood break and repair of leg at 7 yrs. (Wears level inside shoe to compensate)

Past medical history

1 yr ago damaged shoulder in same way.
Chiropractic corrected injury approx. 5 visits.
18 months ago developed problems with both eyes. Diagnosis; bilateral meibomiantis and blepharitis with multiple recurrent chalazia. Bilateral pterygia more significant on the right.


With VX735Ag

One session 3 weeks ago with 735Ag had improved shoulder until started to worsen this week but in general much improved.

With EX715Ag

8th September 2005

Second session this week has been with EX715Ag.

Started all work from spine. Noticed within 5 minutes tightness had gone. Most of work confined to right shoulder and arm and surrounding joint. Worked some on left side for compensation but most change occurred when working on right side. Worked front upper arms, and collar area also.

In total 50 minutes today. Result was 80% more mobility, no sensation of pain at all, couldn't be better.

Next session day after tomorrow.


Am pleased with overall result.

Have seemed to successfully manage to maintain stability in eye condition, without a flare up of cists. Reactions or pains have not occurred anywhere else so far.

20th September 2005

4th session today. Shoulder 90% improved and eyes have almost completely returned to normal to look at. Antibiotics for eyes finished this week 2 days ago, feeling much better. Today, priority for the body was L1 and L2, so I suspect the legs are beginning to change now. Oh yes, and the kidneys needed a little boost also. I will be seeing him again on Thurs and I think that will be the last session, we shall see.

Case 2. Whiplash type injury, sharp pain in shoulder

Presented condition. Whiplash type injury. Complains of ache in neck and shoulder, sharp pain in shoulder on moving arm. Mobility impaired and general discomfort.

Case history

Male 60 yrs. Relatively fit, exercises regularly and keeps a healthy diet.

Past medical history

Childhood asthma developed into allergies and / or skin complaints as adult. Sensitive digestion.

Contracted Hep.B over 20 years ago. Recovery good. Inguinal hernia repair 3 yrs ago. Full recovery.

Treatment with EX715Ag

Started by taking readings for activity. Once found worked from spine to shoulder. Worked on all collar area. From C3 to shoulder most result. Treated both sides.

Within 3 minutes relaxed body language.
Within 10 minutes all pain relief.
Within 35 minutes tension released in muscles of area and feeling of looseness all over. Sharp pain no longer evident.


Day 1 twice treated.
Day 3 once
Day 5 once
Day 7 once
Each session a marked improvement. So far 60% recovery.

My feeling is that the muscle pains were more due to contraction caused by inflammation to nerve endings, as in radiculitis. In all the work with 715 in this case I have only achieved minimum dosing. Not yet maximum dose!

Patients comments

Noticed immediate pain relief and then contacted me later to report that after the following 2 hours a further improvement had occurred.

Next week — 2 more sessions.

Total 7 sessions.

Each session the symptoms were exactly the same until the second week when they were the same only much less. Exactly the same as the first report happened until at the last session, much much less and he is now finished completely.

Case 3. Tired eyes, pulled pectoral muscle

Presented condition. Very sore and red eyes, inability to see properly. Itching but sting when touched. Blurred vision. Over worked eyes. Night shift Admin facilitator at Hospital, took extra shifts due to overload of work and strained eyes. 9 nights on, 2 nights off, 4 nights on, all 12 hour shifts.

Case history

Female 50 yrs. living alone, reasonable diet but not good. Stamina good, energy levels reasonable. Main condition of health fairly good.

Past medical history

No known major disorders. No operations. Some dentistry, all upper front crowns. Some lower back discomfort after sitting too long.

Treatment EX715Ag

Took readings at cervical neck area and liver in S0. Used to work S1 and also S2. Worked mostly locally to eyes approximately 20 minutes. Then cleared liver, 5 minutes or maybe fraction less.

Within the first 3 to 4 minutes changes occurred to the eyes. Redness reduced, device power lessened in S1 and in S2 felt more comfortable at same setting of power.

At finish she was very pleased with the outcome.


3 hours later she called me to report that after the 2 hours following the session her eyes returned to the best function they have been for a very long time, even better than when she was here! Also her shift went easily and she did not have the need to sleep during the night as she often does. Felt very alert.

She has called several days since and still her eyes are very good. Her nights continue but with no problems as yet.

Some days later the patient reported back, no further problems. Since first session, nothing further to do as yet.

6th September 2005

Presented condition

Pulling pain in and around pectoralis major (when arm is moved in some positions sharp pain). To right side of chest, and then half way through session, extending down to between breasts.

Thinks she pulled a muscle while sleeping awkwardly.

Treatment EX715Ag

We took readings in S0 firstly, to local area.

Then in S1 (A2) I worked holding the device still and dosing, starting with the highest active area first all across the projection of the muscles.

No readings or anything detected over breast at all.

The first dosing took place after 9 mins 7 secs, and the device turned itself off after 18 mins and 31 secs.

At this time there was no pain left and no further symptoms anywhere else.

Regarding her previous treatment

Eyes were still improved from before, a little less sharp than when she left here last but still improved overall.

Case 4. Damaged clavicle and surrounding muscle tissue

Presented condition. Aching and stabbing pain around clavicle and to shoulder at front on right side. Sports injury. Martial arts trainer. During a teaching session fell awkwardly.

Case history

Male 51 yrs. Damage to knee previous time. All better now. Good diet, regularly trains and exercises. Trim physique, all systems regular and fit. No other problems. Non-smoker, drinks some.

Past medical history

Slightly raised cholesterol diagnosed by GP but nothing to worry about, just keep a check on it. No further operations or problems known.

Treatment EX715Ag

First session, almost complete pain relief, quite surprisingly! Pain very quickly subsided from clavicle, approximately 10 minutes and then he became aware of other discomfort around the front of shoulder more. We then worked in this area for a further 10 minutes.

2nd, 3rd and 4th sessions, all within 2 days have completed the healing of the injury and he was able to take part in trials last weekend with no problems.


Only achieved minimum dosing with this man also.

This man has a 735L but was unable to create the healing himself that took place. He had asked me to help as he knew I had 2 x Ag's but he was shocked when he felt the baby (715) instead!!!

No further sessions necessary.

Case 5. Arthritic fingers and bipolar condition

Presented condition. Fingers and hands stiff on waking, painful in places later on throughout day. Neck and shoulder aches. Lower back pain, due to previous injury, falling from horse. Very stressed. Sore eyes.

Case history

Female 58 yrs. Regularly exercises and plays tennis each day. Good diet and takes mostly homeopathic advise. Had hysterectomy at 48 yrs due to fibroids. Appendicitis at 10 yrs.

Systemic disorder / chronic

Arthritis has been diagnosed, neither osteo or rheumatoid confirmed.

Bipolar condition diagnosed a year ago, although condition present all her life. Given medication which has now been discontinued as although not really as she should be the condition has stabilised.

Past medical history

L4 and L5 were fused together in operation after fall from horse.


With VX735Ag

In first session, small finger of right hand, which had been bent over, (For more than 6 months), twisted, red and painful, straightened completely and the pain reduced to almost gone. Another finger responded similarly. Felt very tired, fell asleep during session. During following session twice weekly over 4 or so weeks, general feeling of calmness and wellbeing has increased, pain in hands lessened, mobility in stiff areas better later in day but still very stiff on waking. Lower back had become painful and has now improved. Shoulders have eased also. Thumb joint has been a problem and still although changed will not improve much.

With EX715Ag

8th September 2005

In first session little finger performed again cracked slightly and moved again into a better shape, all pain relieved more quickly than in the past. First, index finger also changed and became less red.

This time did not feel sleepy during or after session but felt very calm and in control even though circumstances on the day were very extreme. Thumb joint improved in session more quickly but we see today if the improvement is stable.

2nd session. 14th September 2005

We worked started today with fingers. The small finger had noticeably grown again to one side. But within 4 minutes had min dosed several times and gone back down in size. Redness reduced. Other fingers, improvement stable not increased.

The thumb joint had finally improved this week and because she had to complete some hard manual labour this morning it became painful now. However it is now quiet again and no longer in pain since the session.

The 2 neck areas that ache, each side of the front of the thyroid area, (using 100mg daily thyroxin) stopped aching after 2 min doses to each. This all in S2 setting.

Finished off at the lower spine to old injury where vertebrae are fused. This has been extremely bad this week. Worked in the next setting for the lower back and legs. Took several min doses and not just single beeping but all double beeping as dosed.(no max dose).

At end back felt same although I know something had really changed as I could feel it and the device completely felt different.

She looked somehow glowing after the session, which the device (turned off once after the neck) told me took 23.38secs and 4.48 secs.

Came back after 30 mins to the house to say she felt very good, calm but somehow energized!

20th September 2005

Fingers a normal shape now thumb and joint still very painful and stiff when waking but slight improvement overall. Seems to have stabilized in all this is session 11 no more changes for now so she starts a break now.

The materials were provided by
Dr. Vivienne Constad, London, UK