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Case history 7.
Chronic tonsillitis, sore throat, thrush

Konstantin Nikitin | 19.07.2012

Centre of intellectual medical technologies “Doctor Nik” Tomsk
Report on SCENAR-COSMODIC EX735Ag Modific (Slider)

Patient: female, 25 yrs, a manager in a big computer company Complaints: sore throat, purulent plugs discharging from palatine tonsils every morning, recurrent thrush.

Past medical history: the patient suffers from chronic tonsillitis from the childhood. She was treated with antibacterial therapies repeatedly. However, the painfulness in her throat and discharge of the purulent plugs from the tonsils remained. During the last few years the patient suffered from recurrent thrush. The patient came for help to our clinic.

During examination we revealed painfulness in the region of projections of the palatine tonsils and parotid area. Pronounced painfulness at palpation in the region of the small intestine.


Area of projection of the palatine tonsils and parotid areas were treated in Scenar-Cosmodic Slider 10 mode, 5 minutes on each area. After 4 sessions, pain in the throat was eliminated, purulent plugs stopped discharging from the tonsils. General well-being improved.

Painful areas on the abdomen were treated with Scenar-Cosmodic Slider 10 mode, time of treatment — 10 minutes. After 7 sessions the pain in the small intestine reduced significantly, but yet was not terminated; thrush symptoms remained. In total the patient had 11 sessions. Each session lasted 40 minutes.

Three days after the end of the course of treatment, we met the patient again and it was found out that her thrush was eliminated completely too, pain in the abdomen did not disturb her anymore. This testifies to an extended positive effect of Scenar-therapy.

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Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”