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Case history 6. Jaw fracture

Konstantin Nikitin | 18.07.2012

Centre of intellectual medical technologies “Doctor Nik” Tomsk
Report on SCENAR-COSMODIC EX735Ag Modific (Slider)

Patient: Male, 55 yrs, owner of the auto repair shop. Complaints: painfulness in the regions of fractures of the lower jaw, discharge from sinus tracts in the region of the lower jaw, the broken bones of the lower jaw could not be fixed firmly within 2 months.

Past medical history: the patient had multiple comminuted fracture of the lower jaw (on the left and on the right side) due to accident at work. The bone fragments were repositioned manually by the traumatic surgeon and a fixed bandage was applied. However, the trauma was complicated by purulent osteomyelitis with fistulas. This hampered bone fragments stabilization. Two months after the injury, which was followed by a long and massive antibacterial therapy, the attending traumatologist suggested the patient should have a surgical treatment. But the patient came to our medical centre instead.

Objective issues: medium height, poor nutrition. The patient was wearing a tight elastic bandage on his head over his lower jaw and occiput. On the left of his lower jaw, under the elastic band there was a gauze bandage covering the treated sinus tract. No painful areas were found on the back, abdomen or chest.


We treated areas of fracture projections of the lower jaw and areas of fistulas on the lower jaw in Scenar-Cosmodic Slider 10 mode. Time of action — 10 minutes on each side. General areas — 3 pathways, 6 points, neck-collar area and Pirogov’s ring were treated in Scenar mode. On average, a session lasted for 30 minutes.

Pain syndrome was eliminated, discharge from sinus tracts stopped and fistulas closed completely after 6 sessions. Bone fragments were fixed within 12 days of treatment.

In total the patient had 15 sessions. His well-being improved a lot, his sleep became normal.

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Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”