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Case history 1.
Pain in the knees and lumbar region

Konstantin Nikitin | 19.04.2012

Centre of intellectual medical technologies “Doctor Nik” Tomsk
Report on SCENAR-COSMODIC EX735Ag Modific (Slider)

Patient: Female, 65 yrs, math teacher at Polytechnic University. Complaints: pains in the knees when walking or when having to stand for a long time.

Past medical history: she started to experience pains in the legs 9 years ago and tried to solve this problem with the help of various ointments. At first, this helped but with the time the problem got worse.

Four years ago the patient came to hospital and had injection of Diclofenac. The pain subsided for a while, but some time later the patient started to have even more severe pains. Neither massage, no pain-killers could produce stable relief. Then the patient decided to come to our medical centre.

Obvious issues: small height (148 cm), overweight (87 kg), legs a bit swollen, knees somewhat deformed and painful when palpating in projection of the medial joint space and at passive flexion. The most painful was the right knee. Moderate tenderness to palpation of the lumbar region. Severe pain when palpating the anterior abdominal wall in epigastric region.

The patient was diagnosed with duodenitis, hepatocholecystitis. X-ray showed significantly narrowed joint spaces, especially in the right knee, small osteophytes on borders of the joint surface.


The device was applied to painful places of each knee in mode Scenar-Cosmodic Slider 5 or Scenar-Cosmodic Slider 10 for 2–5 minutes, depending on how fast the dosage was finished. Right after the treatment of these places tenderness to palpation reduced: at first sessions it reduced by 40–60%, after the 8th session it reduced by 60–80%. However, at passive flexion of the knee the pain reverted nearly in full. After the 8th session the pain during walking also reduced for 40–50 minutes. Besides the knees, we also treated epigastric region of the abdomen, using the same treatment modes. Here distinct peristalsis of the intestines and common bile duct started within just 30 seconds of treatment. And after 3–4 minutes the pain subsided. After the 6th session the pain started to disappear completely but came back next day, although not as intensive as before. We also treated projection of the liver every 3 days and projections on the spine, paying special attention to lumbar region. Duration of a session — 35–40 minutes. The course of treatment was 12 sessions. Break period — 15 days.

After the break the patient felt improvement of general well-being, increased vigour, some reduction of joint pains, sensation of easiness in the stomach.

Obvious issues: the patient lost 2.5 kg, at palpation pain in the knees is less acute, at flexion pain reduced significantly. When palpating the abdomen, painful areas were along the center line of abdomen, in the lower third of the epigastric region. Tenderness in the lumbar region remained.

We continued treatment in the same mode. It was noted that body reaction to the action of the device had changed. After treatment, pain in the knees disappeared nearly completely and came back after 2–3 hours when walking. Pain in the epigastric region disappeared completely after 3 days of treatment. Pain in the lumbar region became occasional and manifested only after the patient had to stand for a long time (when she was giving lectures). After 12 days of treatment pain in the knees was not detected at palpation, the patient had pain only after long-term load. Now pain intensity was evaluated by the patient as 20% of the initial one. Important is that after the patient had rest, the pain disappeared again by itself, without the help of any other means. Repeated X-ray didn’t show any significant changes in the knee joints. The patient is having a next break period for 30 days.

Conclusion: as a result of treatment with SCENAR-COSMODIC EX735Ag Modific (Slider) we could reach significant functional improvement in general well-being and specific local issues. Dynamics of changes with SCENAR-COSMODIC EX735Ag Modific (Slider) was faster and more dramatic than when using Scenar NT series devices for similar cases. As for morphological changes, they are usually to be expected 4–8 months after the patient has functional changes.

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Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”