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Chronic prostatitis (exacerbation phase). New EX735Ag Modific

Milena Lipkova | 7.10.2011

Patient details

Gender/age: male, 60 Complaints: chronic prostatitis (exacerbation phase).

Past medical history: patient suffered from chronic prostatitis and inflammation of the urinary bladder for 5 years. No noticeable improvements have come even after the 2 courses of antibacterial therapy.


5 sessions of therapy were performed with new EX735Ag Modific Slider.

Time of action during session: 25–45 min

Action modes used: Scenar Cosmodic Slider 5, Scenar Cosmodic Slider 10, Scenar Cosmodic MYO

Areas treated: back (3 pathways), lower back, projection of kidneys and urinary bladder, projection of prostate.

Change of patient's condition during and after the session: Patient was nervous the first 10 minutes. As the pain was intensive (from patient's words), first of all I decided to calm him down and did 3 pathways in Scenar Cosmodic MYO mode. In 5 minutes we could continue the work at sticky areas (they were at projection of L4-L5). After 4 doses at this place I found the further sticky area below the navel, in the urinary bladder area, 2 doses completed there.

The patient felt relief and in several minutes asked for a break, because he was very tired. He was wet with sweat and lay down on the couch. I really saw that patient ought to have a rest. I suggested finishing the session. He agreed and went away. But, to my surprise, in 30 minutes he came back, and asked to continue the procedure. Having taken the air he felt energy and decided to continue. He said: “I did not believe much in success. But when I began to come to my senses outdoors and felt only a slight pain in back, I realized that I must return back to you and finish the procedure and then I will really feel great. And here I am.”

Total number of sessions: 5

Total time of treatment: 5 days

Final results of treatment: after the 1-st session the patient had painful and frequent urination. Urine was dark and foamy (from patient's words it “looked like beer”). At night the sand began to discharge, he had colics while urinating. By the morning he fell into a sound and quiet sleep. Pains in the perineum stopped after the 2-nd and the 3-rd sessions. Back stopped aching. After the end of the 5-th session the patient notes that prostatitis symptoms were completely gone. He was very surprised and happy that his sexual potency was essentially increased too.


In this case a «miracle» had happened (from patient's words). He believed the device and in his own power.

Comments on the new device working: “all-inclusiveness” during the session is one of the remarkable functions of the device. There is no need to switch over to diagnostic mode (as it was in the previous version) and then back to treatment mode to work on dosing.

Milena Lipkova,
psychologist, scenar-therapist
Slovakia and Czech Republic,

Translated by Victoria Karlina “LET Medical”