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Chronic lower back pain (New EX735Ag Modific)

Michael Beasley MS, NCBTMB, AIBT | 8.11.2011

Patient Details:

Gender/age: ~67 Year Old Male Presented condition, complaints: Chronic lower back pain

Past medical history: Bulging disks in Lower Lumbar region


Following the use of the EX735Ag Modific Slider a manual leg reset/rebalance was performed (3 minutes)

Time of action during session: 30 minutes.

Action modes used: A3: SCENAR-COSMODIC Auto for dosing
COSMODIC Myo set to 45% (Little Wings)

Areas treated: 3 Pathways, L3/L4/L3, Palm Zones; Sacrum and C7, Little Wings

Change of the patient's condition during and after session: Initially patient could not walk without intense pain, getting out of chair was labored/painful, he had to quit walking his usual 1 mile per day because of intense pain for several months. Patient went to many locations for pain relief and had several CT Scans. Doctors suggested installation of spinal cord stimulator.

Post session #1 patient's pain was eliminated. He could walk without pain, get in and out of a chair without pain, and could stand on one leg without pain.

During the next session he told me he for 2 miles post session without pain. He requested and came in for a follow-on session because concerned the pain relief wouldn't last before he left the state. He has been pain free for 2 weeks.

Total number of sessions: 2

Total time of treatment (days, weeks): 1 week

Final result of treatment: Elimination of pain, dropped plans to consider spinal cord stimulator implant.


Patient was amazed that pain could be so dramatically and rapidly affected by the LET Medical Device.

Comments on the new device working: Amazing. How is this possible? Will the pain relief last?

Michael Beasley MS, NCBTMB, AIBT