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Case of Bone Spurs / Osteophytes — severe pain

Vivienne Constad | 7.11.2018

© Dr. Vivienne Constad

Male 40yrs
Diagnosed by doctor with bone spurs / osteophytes at C5 / 6 causing severe pain to neck and shoulders.
This male reported that most pain is experienced when lying down making sleep impossible. He had been prescribed high doses of:
Tramadol slow release 100mg nightly
Amitriptyline 60mg daily
He also has a history of heavy social drug use.

First session

— device used EX735Ag Slider 2 Date: 25th November 2016

Duration: 44 minutes
Device: Slider 2 chosen for faster symptom relief.
I found that all of the body priorities were shown by high readings at the top and at the base of the spine plus digestive and immune areas.
The doses took a long time and reached 76% and 77% respectively but did not complete taking approximately 25 and 13 minutes each. Given it was the first session I wanted to keep the session reasonably short.
Working modes used: Scenar Cosmodic Slider auto and then Scenar MYO.
Presiding symptoms: pain at top of neck and shoulders. Shoulders tension. Slight lightheadedness plus a warm and fuzzy feeling in body already.
After session: a rash appeared to the right side and his shoulders tingled, he felt less lightheaded.

Session 2

28th November — Device used: ENS
Presiding symptoms:
Left side coccyx ache, tension to the back of his shoulders was present and quite obvious. Slight pain was experienced prior to working, across upper thoracic area in general.
He reported that since the last session, his stools were more frequent but bigger in size and more normal, less hard. Following the session he didn’t require the normal drugs to sleep. The following day he felt pain and strange sensations to coccyx. plus he was more tired than normal.
The night before returning he felt he was late to sleep and felt a bit hallucinogenic. (remember he had previously taken a substantial amount of social drugs)
Most placements of the device — (working in ENS mode) were to dose in average 2 to 3 minutes with exception of the left hand shoulder around to left of C7 took 20 minutes and didn’t dose 0 stayed at only 55%.
As he is taking at this stage such high chemical pain relief each night I didn’t want to create too much change so stopped at this time. And went into Scenar MYO for 5 minutes to this area in massage like way — low power level. I shared the time with this area and lower coccyx also.

Changes after treatment:
He reported less tension in both shoulders. Pain in his coccyx was now gone. He felt more awake and a bit lighter in body.

Session 3

30th November 2016
He reported that since the last treating he had another night’s good sleep without drugs. He had reduced his dose of medications: amitriptyline x 40mg and tramadol x 25mg. with no adverse affects. The following nights sleep still improved and the best thing was, that the following days whereas previously if he reduced taking the drugs, his pain increased in the afternoon. Now it was not increasing and he was altogether more comfortable. His pain does increase in evenings and generally his stools were also still improved. In addition to this he is feeling more awake and better for not using medications.

Session 4

5th December 2016 — Today he reported that he had ceased taking all medication and without any disturbances or adverse affects to his sleep or any other thing. That he had been 20–25 days now in this manner. He is aware of more pain throughout the daytime but he can cope more easily with this. He now has pain to the lower left hip also that he is aware of for the last 7 to 10 days. In general less stress is felt over neck and shoulders now. He noticed that following the removal of all drugs that he had 2 to 3 days of dreams and sweats.
We worked with ENS and in ENS working mode on this day although readings were taken in scen cos slider auto. His presenting symptoms were pain in neck and shoulders. His body priorities indicated were to the top and base of spine only. With 0/0 to right at lower lumbar.
The total treatment took 41.08 of which 5 were ENS Var – power manual and level 15 at top and base where previously dosed. He doesn’t usually feel too much at end of a session and said he felt there may be subtle changes right now but would report in later.

Session 5

8th December 2016
ENS device
ENS mode

Presenting symptoms today: left lower coccyx pain. Dull ache across top shoulders both sides.
No notable changes this week since last session however noted that he had awoken at 3am with pan in coccyx last night — it hurt for some hours. He applied some chili creme and after this went back to sleep. Having also fed their young baby. Doses in ENS mode today were faster approximately 3 to 5 minutes except top left neck (reading 85) took 12.30 and here the device showed stripes.

Session 6

15th December 2016 the Device used: ENS
Since last session – he felt a little change, not much.
Since he left me last, he felt all sensations of benefit were still there, nothing less but nothing more. Very subtle – couldn’t explain. His sleeping is still improved and without medications. His pain is only right sided now which he feels is more appropriate as that is where it had begun. He is still keeping to the diet we gave him and really benefiting with more energy this way. He also has lost some excess weight and reduced his cycling time to and from work journey by 10 minutes, which for him is very significant. He has not pains in his stomach now (which he had forgotten to mention previously but had experienced). This day he had readings shown as priority to just below C7 as well as coccyx and also at side and level of the spleen side of his abdomen.
Presiding symptoms: shoulder ache not pain in right side. Plus, upper shoulder to neck, a dull ache. Left side coccyx aching.
I dosed all of these in ENS mode and played with Scenar VAR as well as ENS var. none of his places dosed. Even at 10–20 minutes.
I think he is ready for a short break.
Changes at end: Sensitivity felt more in the back areas now. Coccyx, shoulder but neck a little less. I have put him on a break now until 18th or 19thJanuary.

It is now June 2017.

He did not require further treatment and is recovered. He has a young family and as such has now taken receipt of his own device for future use for friends and family.

The materials were provided and published with permission of
Dr. Vivienne Constad, London, UK