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Applying Scenar-Cosmodic technology in Classical medicine

Dr. med. Tatiana Arnaudova Kivendidu | 1.03.2019

“To do nothing is also a good remedy”


Hippocrates laid the foundations for the Classical medicine as a science already in the 5th century BC.

A.A.Karasev created synchronous medical technology of the 21st century. Without it the Modern Classical medicine has no future.

Now Scenar-Cosmodic technology is one of the leading ones in traditional medicine. It is not an alternative medicine, it is a necessary stage in building a treatment plan for any disease.

Modern complex approach to treatment of the patients presumes using not only Scenar-therapy as a definitive method of therapy, but applying it together with other methods.

Therefore, responsibility of Scenar-therapist increases while planning Scenar-Cosmodic treatment for each individual case. One should have enough practical experience and knowledge about possibilities of this technology, in order to be able to work out indications on its use in Classical medicine.

Scenar-therapist should retain its status of a Priest who is able to cure disease.

High resolving power of the method allows defining anatomical localization of the issue and stop pathophysiological mechanism of disease development.

The following case is very illustrative for checking those theoretical constructs which are aimed at achieving excellent health-improving results.

Female patient, 77 yrs old. Diagnosis: infiltrative lobular carcinoma of breast.

Final diagnosis: metastasizing adenocarcinoma grade III, which is a diffusive sclero-like hardening of the skin of the left breast. Lesion on the skin appeared acutely after limited resection of the breast on 11 May 2017.

(In such cases they also use radiotherapy but with no great success.)

The surgeon treated her with antibiotics which had no effect.

In June 2018 during the course of Scenar-therapy, the skin which was cyanotic and purple before, started to regain normal pale-pink colour. The patient had 25 sessions. Each session lasted 1 hour. All zones which were chosen for treatment were dosing. After that the patient felt more normal and could sleep well. Her condition was relieved.

During break period she had Scenar-“worsening” reactions: pain and dyspnea.

It was necessary to give the patient some more treatment sessions to help resolve these issues and restore her breathing. Pain in left breast had decreased.

The therapy was also supplemented with cleansing and antioxidant preparations.

(Combining treatment with homeopathy is problematic when treating cancer.)

Repeated course of therapy was more effective than the previous one.

Recovery after Scenar-therapy is, first of all, the Will of the patient to recover. Success of the therapy is the Experience of Scenar-therapist. The Will and the Experience together with the Technology are the power which is directed to self-regulation and health recovery.

Dr. Tatiana Arnaudova Kivendidu
Ph.D. Oncology Radiotherapy,
Scenar Cosmodic Therapy
Greece Athens

Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”