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Application of COSMODIC-therapy in clinical oncology
Metastatic disease

Dr. med. Tatiana Arnaudova Kivendidu | 4.02.2021

”There are no hopeless patients…“

The most often situation that we can see today in oncological clinical picture is metastatic disease. (Here we need to clarify the term). Metastatic disease is connected with fast dissemination of tumour cells in the patient’s body and development of metastases in particular organs and tissues. This pattern is observed with poorly differentiated forms of cancer. In practice there are always substantial body reserves to allow conducting Cosmodic therapy using its all methods applicable in clinical oncology.
Having determined histological type of metastatic cancer, Cosmodic therapy provides radical treatment.
Cosmodic makes “diagnosis” which includes in-depth evaluation of such factors as localization of metastases in the affected organ and dyscrasia.
This method of treatment has no limits to results that could be achieved. The case below is one of the examples.

Female patient, 60 yrs old. In 2017 she was operated on for malignant tumor of thymus. During operation they revealed tumor conglomerate. Histologic study of the tumour revealed that it had a structure of malignant thymoma.
On 14 June 2018 she had an operation on her liver. Presence of tumour dissemination in the liver indicated to the spread of the process. This was the reason for post-operative chemotherapy.
In 2019 the patient gave up further chemotherapy and started Cosmodic-therapy.

The first course, 20 sessions (26.01.2019)
With Cosmodic-therapy her health improved. It helped optimizing functional state of her body organs and systems.
After the third course of therapy no signs of disease recurrence and no new metastasis were detected.
The patient is taking antioxidant complex on a regular basis. Thanks to Cosmodic-therapy and ratio of antioxidants in supplements we could reach the unique effect. As a result, such combination manifests its protective properties only in normal tissues, and in those cells which have mutated it produces prooxidant (damaging) action.

Treatment continues — Quantum satis

Dr. Tatiana Arnaudova Kivendidu, PhD
Scenar Cosmodic & Oncology Radiotherapy Specialist
Athens, Greece

Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”