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Acute post-traumatic pain in shoulder. New EX735Ag Modific

Vivienne Constad | 10.08.2011

June 16, 2011

Patient details

Gender/age: Female/70

Appearance of health: good

Presented condition, complaints:
Having fallen and damaged shoulder extensively this lady had been given an operation to correct the damage. The operation was to fix this and was, according to Doctor 100% successful.
She has been left with an intermittent but seriously acute shooting pain through her shoulder and arm since the operation, which could be quite debilitating. Also a discomfort under this arm generally.

Past medical history:
She reported that although she had no problems in her health at all, she was and had always been since a child very constipated.
She also mentioned that he had had a partial hysterectomy some years ago. But had no issues since this time regarding it.
No other diagnosed problems or complaints.
Although over the years since a youth she had sustained many falls and subsequent injuries but nothing that had not healed.


Time of action during session: 33.39mins

Action modes used: SCENAR-COSMODIC SLIDER 10

Areas treated: lower lumbar, neck, right shoulder, trapezius on both sides

Change of the patient's condition during and after session:
I took diagnostic readings and found that extreme numbers were on cervical neck area, C7 and C8 and T1 and interestingly the corresponding area opposite at lower lumbar area. Also the gut in one specific area.
Anyhow the numbers were ranging from 15 /16 to high numbers of 37 and 39 but the one on right side lowest lumbar at coccyx was 65. On this lowest lumbar area with the high number I dosed all across the whole area to the right side around to hip.
I worked all over the neck area and all across the right side shoulder, back and front and then trapezius on both sides. I followed from dosing first and then went into looking for stickies and dosing only when needed. After 33.39 minutes the body had enough although I had wanted to work in SCENAR MIO there. I did not as she seemed to me that she had enough.
I noticed a surge of energy in her, moving in the digestive area but she did not feel this.
The ratio of work was on average overall 5 /5 SC and CS
And I asked her to move around to feel anything after I finished and she became excited and said that her arm felt numb where before it had been in pain.
But then she moved it in a skiing movement and said that she felt no longer that she had to protect it and her reach was incredibly much further than before.
Also that the crunching sounds in her neck as she moved it around generally had now minimised to almost nothing.
Total number of sessions: 1
Total time of treatment (days, weeks): 1 day

Final result of treatment:
I asked her about her next morning how she is and she told me that her arm was amazing now.
When I asked her about her digestive, she did comment further and reported that her digestion now seemed good.

It was very precise and had some good results.
I feel that the lady was not altogether realizing how changed she was after . She said she was not always good at noticing this type of thing.
But I felt that she was quite different after, her entire energy had changed and she almost could not stand up. She had a change to a number of symptoms but the most noticeable thing for me was how different her energy seemed.

Comments on the new device working:
The feeling I get when using any mode on the new device is that the signal is more full.
I noticed that when I went back to the previous Modific, it felt empty and not good enough… then I went back to new Modific and it felt complete and that the impulse was not just deeper but more going on and fuller feeling. That more is being done and happening.

The materials were provided and published with permission of
Dr. Vivienne Constad, London, UK