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Acute maxillary sinusitis. EX735Ag and EX735Ag Modific

Igor Karpenko | 1.07.2008

Male patient, 57 yrs. Some years ago had acute maxillary sinusitis. The symptoms at that time were purulent discharge from the left part of the nose, headache, X-ray showed left-side maxillary sinusitis. The treatment was as follows: 5 punctures and antibiotics.

This time all symptoms were the same. We started treatment immediately with EX735Ag — locally on projection of maxillary sinus in automatic mode, for 40 minutes. After 2 sessions the improvement was significant. The last, third session was with EX735Ag Modific.

The patient recovered completely.

P.S. All your devices work well. I now have less patients. After treating them in winter they don’t have any complaints since then. Now I am preparing to work with patients suffering from pollinosis.

Igor Karpenko, Krasnodar, Russia

Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”